2024 Stallion Guide

2024 Guide Now in Production

It's been a tough year for everyone but the breeding industry has managed to carry on in the face of all the lockdowns. Working closed with British Breeding we managed to pull off an enormously successful virtual Stallion Event, with tens of thousands attending each disciplines entries! We've still managed to distribute over 4,000 copies of the printed guide and the website has had over 60,000 page views from over 16,000 unique visitors.

We're horse owners and breeders ourselves and here at the Heritage Coast Stud we've had a very busy breeding season, foaling down 20 mares and getting more than 40 in foal.

Last year we invested heavily in upgrading our website which is not only mobile responsive but also has the facility for owners to update and add to their own listings, list any progeny for sale from their stallions and receive stallion bookings via the online booking form. We're keeping our listing charges the same with the option for Print & online as well as just online only.

Jane Marson (Skepper) BSc(Hons), AI Tech - Editor and Founder

How to Advertise :

You can either list your Stallion(s) just on the website for the 2023 season for £120 (rate rises to £150 from 16th October 2022), or online and to go in to print in the 2023 Guide for £250 per stallion (rate rises to £300 from 16th October 2022). Online each stallion has up to 10 images, a video, social media links, listings to any other stallion(s) you also have listed, pedigree, description, stud details and progeny information & now for 2021 the facility to add any progeny for sale for FREE.

You can edit your own listing through your own dedicated online account. The printed guide gives you a double page spread with up to 4 images.

What advertisers say

"As the owner of only one stallion the Competition Stallions Guide has proved invaluable to me. The Guide enables me to promote Britannia's Mail alongside horses from professional breeding yards, and its straightforward format means our clients can easily find and compare suitable stallions. Britannia's Mail has had a successful 2021 breeding season and I can attribute this in part to our presence in the guide."
Lucinda Fredericks

"With our serious portfolio of our own Woodlander & client Stallions, the Competition Stallion Guide is always the firs component of our promotional activity...simply unmissable"
Lynne Crowden

"We are so pleased with Britannia Royal’s entry in the Competition Stallion Guide. It has proved excellent value for money, producing a very good level of enquiries and bookings, not jus from the UK but also from Aus ralia, New Zealand and the USA"
Annabel Blake - Owner Britannia Royal



More Information :

The Competition Stallions Guide provides high quality information on particular breeding information alongside detailed stallion information to enable mare owners to see what stallions are available at stud and be able to make a considered decision as to which stallions they want to follow up to compliment their mares.

It was decided early on that all Stallions listed should be either formally Graded or be Approved either by their own competition record or that of their progeny. It is important to note that Competition Stallions is not a Stud Book. So we have relied upon Stallion owners providing correct information. We hope to develop further relationships with the various Grading Studbooks as the years progress to be sure to include all Graded or Approved Stallions in some form or another. All Stallions have an indication as to which discipline their owners deem them most suited.

So if you are looking for a Dressage stallion, Endurance stallion, Eventing stallion, Showjumping stallion or Sports Pony Stallion they are easy to identify.

Previous Issues :

The Competition Stallions Guide was first printed in 2012 as an A5 publication before being redesigned and enlarged in 2020 to the current larger and easier to read format.

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